Creating a commercial style

Good things start with well-planned brand strategy. But do not accept our words for good, make sure yourself.

Apple has evolved from the smallest idea. The owner of the KFC sold the fried chicken snacks in the road bar... and the secret of their success? Well thought-out brand strategy.

We help all types of businesses to create their brand strategy, clearly understanding their concept, current market situation, where they are in the market today and where they want to be.


By conducting a thorough market analysis, we understand what makes your brand unique. We also have the knowledge about the industry and your competitors. With all this information, we create a strong and integrated brand strategy. On the other hand, if your business requires subtle changes in brand positioning, new concept and logo design or just would like to revive the tired or tedious brand identity, we have the skills and experience to turn brand renewal into a commercially successful rebranding amongst your potential and current customers.

Logo design is also an integral part of developing a commercial style. It is a symbolic trademark interpretation that will be instantly recognizable and reflects the essence of your product or service. As a creative design agency, we appreciate the importance and symbolism of the logo and believe that this is a brand's success, so we will always make necessary consultation and research before starting the logo development process.

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