MADAD is a crazy, creative and talented team of professionals who develop and implement contemporary advertising and marketing communication services. Nowadays, to become one of the top brands in this fast-paced and rapidly evolving society is as easy as it has ever been, but at the same time is hard as hell. At Madad, we advise and help our clients to reach their target audience by conveying the advantages of their brand using only the most effective digital channels or their combinations. Even though we work in a digital space, keeping close relationship with our clients, clearly defining their business objectives as well as creating their audience profile, help us to create high quality campaigns and achieve great results. We work human to human; therefore, we pride ourselves in vast experience, knowledge and talent to create and implement campaigns either it´s completely new market entry or content optimization on the web for a well-established brand. Our mad SEO and PPC knowledge and exclusive social media skills will ensure the highest and most innovative quality of services that will not only outstrip your competitors but, most importantly, will attract your targeted traffic. mad SEO ir PPC žinios, išskirtiniai socialinės žiniasklaidos įgūdžiai užtikrins aukščiausią paslaugų kokybę, kuri ne tik išsiskirs tarp jūsų konkurentų, tačiau ir pritrauks tikslinių lankytojų srautą.

Our strategic process is supported by research and statistics-based content, which creates an opportunity to take on various projects, developing them from the scratch to a successful outcome with clearly measurable results.

We believe that deeply understanding the business of each client we have the possibility to solve their challenges by turning our daily inspiration and professionalism into MADADs.

Who we are

Madad is a digital marketing enthusiast agency located in Vilnius, which offers digital advertising solutions for both start-ups and already established businesses. We are a passionate team of entrepreneurs, designers, strategists, marketing specialists and developers, committed to developing and expanding our clients’ businesses in digital space. Our way is to personally know each of our clients and their brand and, using our extensive team expertise, we recommend the most effective strategies that suits their individual needs. There is no ‘One size fits all’ approach.

What we do

Our mission is much more than branding or marketing campaigns. First of all, we work as digital marketing consultants for our clients, providing strategic assistance and advice before, during and after the project campaign. Our agency offers a full range of creative and tactical marketing solutions ranging from website design and branding to various marketing strategies that take into account search engine optimization, your target audience and your product. We tailor our services to meet your marketing needs and business goals and offer professional and affordable services that help businesses stay competitive and attract new customers. Simply put, each of our clients is unique to us. We always take into account the customer's personal preferences and brand identity, which we endeavor to convey and make easily accessible on the Internet.

Why we do this

The world has become digital, so we are with it. Our team of strategists, content creatives and new technology specialists are fully integrated with innovation and technology, which is why digital has become our native language. And finally, everything begins with a passion. We are a team that is passionate about transforming an idea into results through creative thinking, storytelling and innovation. What makes us most fascinated and drives forward in this discipline is the fact that digital marketing is a constantly evolving industry. Today's trends may become completely old-fashioned tomorrow. The only way to remain as an innovative agency is to commit and take on the responsibility to be constantly interested and to be open to innovation. Our goal is to become acknowledged experts in this field who define the boundaries and the most important trends in digital marketing.

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